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Copywriter + Content Creator

Copywriting for Creatives

Too many people focus on design and only turn to copy as an afterthought. And don't get me wrong, I love design. There's nothing better than a gorgeous website - except a gorgeous website with compelling copy that converts.

You can have the prettiest site on the block, but if your copy doesn't match you're wasting your precious time and money. 

The best websites unite design + copy to create a story that captivates your audience and turns them into clients + customers. 

But there's more to your business than just your website. From sales pages to email sequences, your messaging should be consistent. Your voice should shine in all communication, and you need a copywriter who can capture that voice and turn it into sales. 


Website Copy

You can dress your site up as pretty as you like, but if your copy falls flat you're wasting your time (+ money!). Don't miss out on potential clients + customers. Get copy that converts today. 

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Sales Pages

Whether you are selling services or products, at some point in your business you're going to need a sales page. 

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Email Sequence

When someone gives you their email address, they are trusting you to use it wisely. While that obviously means not spamming them or filling their inbox with new messages every hour, it also means not ignoring them. They WANT to hear from you! 

If you're thinking, oh crap, I haven't sent out an email in like two years, it's ok. It's not too late to start! 

From welcome sequences to launches, I'll get you back on track in no time. 


Content Creation For Creatives


Want to know a secret?

A LOT of incredibly successful creative professionals don't write their own content. From blog posts to course materials, much of the actual content creation is outsourced to pros like me. Why? 

Because successful people understand the value of my services. They are able to dream up incredible ideas and hire someone like me to execute them. That gives them the freedom to keep on keeping on - that is, working on their actual business. They get amazing content and they get to keep doing what they love: working one-on-one with clients, creating new products, or just working on their business. 

Leveling up your business often means bringing in a little help. That's where I come in. 

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Struggling to balance all your business content? I can help.



One of the easiest things to pass off is the actual writing of blog posts. Take blog posts off your to-do list and move them onto mine. 

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Lead Magnets

Does your mailing list consist of your three best friends and your mom? Let's change that with a killer lead magnet that will entice people to hand over their email address as quickly as possible. 

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E-books, scripts + course materials

Have too many amazing ideas to actually make happen on your own? Then let me help. We'll turn your best blog posts into an e=book, write scripts for the video series you've been wanting to release, or create materials for the course you've been dreaming of,