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Greenleaf Accounting

Deb Howard Greenleaf's story

Deb is committed to working with small businesses. She acts as their very own accounting department, making sure the books aren't just up to date, but that the owners actually understand them! She's a QuickBooks guru and has a fantastic team she works with.


Web Copy

Deb's business was growing and she wanted an all-new website to reflect that. She hired me to write the copy for that all-new website, as well as to edit her mailing list opt-in. 

Screenshot 2017-04-02 21.32.36.png

Mailing List Opt-In:


Amanda-lee Seely Photography

Amanda-lee's Story

Amanda-Lee is a brilliant wedding photographer in the NYC area, though she loves to travel to the Williamette Valley in Oregon to shoot weddings as well. She blends a photojournalistic style with traditional portraiture, but what really sets her apart is how passionate she is about her work. She believes in true love, truly!

Amanda-lee Seely Photography

Web Copy

Amanda-Lee contacted me after hiring Tiffany Kelley to rebrand her business and create a new website. She was transitioning her photography business to a new name that was more fitting for her new brand, and I created copy to reflect that. 


Tavia Redburn Photography

Tavia's Story

Tavia is a fantastic newborn + birth photographer in the Oklahoma City area. She has built an incredible business thanks in part to her content creation skills  (let's be honest, mostly because she's awesome) but she simply doesn't have the time to create all the content she dreams up. So she hired me to help!


Lead Magnets

Tavia asked me to write several different lead magnets to grow her mailing list. From registry checklists to pregnancy timelines, we created content that enticed people to sign up to see more!

tavia redburn photography.png


Tavia has a treasure trove of ideas for blog posts. I've been lucky enough to write many of them for her, including: 

Inspired Coterie Mastermind

AMber Housley's story

Amber is an extraordinary coach who has hosted Inspired Retreats for nearly a decade. She decided to create an all-new retreat - the Inspired Coterie Mastermind - and she needed a sales page to launch it. We had a quick turnaround, but it turned out beautifully. 

The Inspired Coterie Mastermind Sales Page



Beekeeper's Story

Beekeeper was created in 2012 with one goal: to connect the unconnected. They've created communication solutions for companies with large numbers of non-desk workers. And with more companies turning to virtual workspaces, their products are more important than ever. I help them with marketing, including blog posts and white papers. 

Best Practices in Internal Communication Strategy for Non-Desk Workers

White Papers

I've written a handful of white papers for Beekeeper. Check out a couple of them below. 



Illumeo's story

Illumeo was spun off from another company, Proformative, in late 2016. As I'd been working with Proformative since 2011 I helped with the transition behind the scenes, updating important details about various courses. I also assist with other aspects of course creation, including writing questions for courses that qualify for CPE/CPD credits. 

What do I do for Illumeo?

  • Create infographics
  • Write course questions
  • Write course descriptions
  • Create course curriculum & write curriculum descriptions
  • Write + edit white papers
  • Write blog posts
  • Write video scripts
  • Create + edit videos
  • Write + edit instructor bios

Because of the nature of my work with Illumeo, I've chosen not to share examples of my work with the general public. However, I am happy to send real examples to prospective clients directly. 



Michael Tunney Resized.png

"Jennifer is everything I look for in a content strategist: fun to work with, creates great content, and meets (or beats) deadlines. She's at the top of my list when I need great content and I happily refer her to colleagues who are looking for the same." - Michael Tunney, MichaelTunney.com

Deb Howard Greenleaf Resized.png

"I hired Jennifer to write the copy for my redesigned website. Not only did she deliver the copy on time and as promised, she totally nailed the approach I was looking for. She has been great to work with and I will be using her mad copywriting skills again and again as I rework my sales funnel. I am SO glad to have found Jennifer!" - Deb Howard Greenleaf, Greenleaf Accounting Services

"Jennifer has worked as a part-time consultant to Proformative for four years now on a variety of marketing-related projects, primarily  related to content on our website and some marketing process issues. Throughout she has been highly professional and has produced high quality work. She is a facile communicator, highly intelligent, and motivated. All good things. It has been a pleasure working with her and I certainly hope to continue."  - John Kogan, former CEO of Proformative Inc (current CEO of Illumeo)

Lianne Sollers Recommendation.jpg

"Jennifer consistently delivers thorough and timely creative writing and editing services. I'm so glad I found her!" - Lianne Soller, HealifyYourLife.com