Illumeo's story

Illumeo was spun off from another company, Proformative, in late 2016. As I'd been working with Proformative since 2011 I helped with the transition behind the scenes, updating important details about various courses. I also assist with other aspects of course creation, including writing questions for courses that qualify for CPE/CPD credits. 

What do I do for Illumeo?

  • Create infographics
  • Write course questions
  • Write course descriptions
  • Create course curriculum & write curriculum descriptions
  • Write + edit white papers
  • Write blog posts
  • Write video scripts
  • Create + edit videos
  • Write + edit instructor bios

Because of the nature of my work with Illumeo, I've chosen not to share examples of my work with the general public. However, I am happy to send real examples to prospective clients directly.