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Let's get down to business. 

While I love working with creative professionals, some of my favorite projects are actually ones I've done for larger companies and start-ups. Business that are, let's say, a little more corporate. Whether you are in Silicon Valley or NYC, you're looking for polish + professionalism. 

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technical knowledge + creativity = high quality content


Thanks to my business degree (BBA in Accounting from the University of Oklahoma), I'm uniquely qualified to articulately write about the nitty gritty details of business. I channel that knowledge best in the blog posts + white papers I write for my B2B clients, particularly those in accounting/finance, continuing professional education, and business technology. 


Previous (or current) Corporate Clients


Since much of my work for corporate client is done as a copywriter or ghostwriter, I don't share the actual work with the general public. However, if you'd like to see real examples from real client work I'm always happy to send it to you directly. 


Corporate Services

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White Papers

White papers are more than just long blog posts. They're an invaluable way to reach your customers by identifying a problem they have and providing a solution that your company conveniently offers. They require extensive research + expertise in the format. But a quality white paper can increase your sales drastically. 



Blogging is not dead. On the contrary, your business's blog is more important than ever. But if it's been languishing untouched for years it is actually doing your business more harm than good. 

It's time to resurrect that blog and offer quality content to your prospective customers. Well-written blog posts offer SEO benefits, attract potentional customers, and position your business as a leader in your industry. 

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Website Copy

Is your website easy to read? Or is it full of industry jargon? 

You might be running clients away with clunky copy. Your website is one of the most important parts of your business. Customers should be able to easily understand your services + products and how to buy them. 

If your website copy isn't converting, let's fix that. 

need a reliable freelance writer for your company?

Here I am. A select few clients keep me on retainer to provide content for them on a regular basis, including white papers, blog posts, video scripts, infographics, and other marketing related materials. I've been working with some of my clients for more than five years. Talk about reliability.

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