Hey There


I'm jennifer. 

Let's recap for those of you who missed the home page: I'm a copywriter + content creator for creative professionals (+ some really awesome corporate clients). 

And you are...

  • If you're a creative professional you are probably a photographer, interior designer + decorator, coach, or graphic designer. Y'all are my people, and I've come to know + understand your industry over the years by working with many of you. 
  • If you're a little more corporate, you are probably in finance + accounting or business communication, Thanks to my accounting degree, I've had the distinct privilege of blending creative + corporate for many clients like you for many years. 

Whoever you are, thanks for stopping by. 

Though I'm based in the Oklahoma City area, I work with clients all over the world. The hardest clients to schedule calls with are in Australia! But wherever you are, I bet we can make it work. 

Just the facts.

  • I'm an ISTJ.
  • I live in a town with zero stoplights.
  • I could live on Dr Pepper + french fries.
  • I love college football. 
  • I have a daughter, two dogs + 1 cat. 
  • Oxford comma for life.

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