Introducing 7th Sight!

Happy Thursday friends! 

Here in Oklahoma we're preparing for an ice storm this weekend. Will it actually happen? Who knows. We have wonderful meteorologists in our state, but they don't do so great on winter weather. (Severe weather they've got locked down though!) 

In addition to making sure we have plenty of milk, bread, and firewood, I'm in the midst of relaunching 7th Sight with Chelsea! She did an amazing job of redesigning the site, we updated our service offerings, and today we are launching the blog portion of the site too. 

We've been collaborating for about a year now, though 7th Sight existed before I joined in. It's been really great working with Chelsea. Most of the time I don't work directly with web designers/developers; clients come to me on their own based on referrals and I don't even know who is handling their website! And while I don't mind working like that, I must say that projects tend to go much better when she and I can work together. Design + content should work together on your website, so it only makes sense to have web designer/developers work with content creators!

So if you're in the market for a new website, a new brand, or a comprehensive content plan, check out our services. (Not sure what you need? We offer an intro package called Gravity Sessions, where Chelsea and I do a brand + content audit of your website and online presence!) 

Even if you're not looking for a new website, please go check the site out. It's gorgeous!

And again, don't worry. J Bryant Creative isn't going anywhere. Promise :) 

Until next time!

Thriving in 2017

I've chosen one word to live each year by since 2011. That year I chose the word FEARLESS, which led me to quit my job, move back to Oklahoma, and start my business. 

Some years the word just come to me, other years it is a struggle. Last year I chose GRACE, because I knew I needed to give myself grace as I learned how to be a mom and manage my business. (And man, I needed it!) 

For 2017 I struggled to choose the right word. I knew the feel I wanted my word to have, but I went back and forth about the actual word until the 30th. But I ended choosing THRIVE.


2016 was all about grace, but really it was just about surviving. Now I want to move beyond that and actually thrive.

I want to thrive professionally and personally. But instead of that simply being an abstract idea, I'm setting monthly goals. And I'll be sharing them here for extra accountability! So here are January's goals.


  • I will relaunch 7th Sight with Chelsea.
  • I will update J Bryant Creative and maintain a consistent content calendar. 


  • I will get my house in order. (It's been a disaster for months.)
  • I will start meal planning.  

Of course there is so much more I want to do, but I need to be realistic. I still have my adorable tiny human to care for, and of course my amazing clients! Not to mention helping my husband launch his new business. But I love what I do, I love the people I work with, and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store. 

Want to be a part of it?

Until next time, 


Farewell 2016

2016 is winding down quickly. And let’s face it, it’s been a ROUGH YEAR. For all of us.

There were a few bright shining in the year, though. The birth of my daughter is, of course, the biggest one. She’s become my little helper who has become less and less helpful as she grows. As babies do!

Another good thing that’s come out of 2016 is my partnership with Chelsea of 7th Sight. We started talking at the end of 2015, and we’ve spent the past year working with clients and dreaming of the future for 7th Sight. Don’t worry, J Bryant Creative isn’t going anywhere. But I will be partnering with Chelsea more often so we can really help our clients. (Find out more about what we offer and all that is to come over at 7th Sight.)

And because my love of business knows no bounds, I’m helping my husband get his new business launched soon. We’re buying a sawmill and soon Smalltown Sawmill & Furniture will be up and running. Between all these amazing businesses and my little girl it’s looking like 2017 is going to be crazy. But I also know it’s going to be an amazing year.

So as I wrap up 2016, I wanted to wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season. May you spend the last days of this year with friends and family (if that’s what you want to do, that is!). And may you have an amazing 2017. If there’s anything I can do to help with that, just let me know.

Here’s to the New Year!

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