About Jennifer

I’ve always had a passion for words, but my practical side overruled that love in college. I chose to pursue a degree in accounting from the University of Oklahoma. Despite the daunting workload that comes with the accounting curriculum, I served as the managing editor of Windmill, a literary journal on campus, as well as the recruiter for Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity. Between the two, I learned how to create persuasive content, edit and improve other’s work, and balance professionalism with creativity. Oh, and I also learned a bit about multitasking! Did I mention I also worked 30 to 40 hour weeks at a local restaurant, too?

After graduating with my BBA, I started a career in public accounting. While many think accounting is strictly numbers (and it mostly is), I managed to find a few ways to use my love for writing in my job. I volunteered to write letters to the IRS, state taxing authorities, and memos to clients whenever I could. And despite the countless hours of overtime,  I worked tirelessly to sharpen my skills by writing web content for friends and non-profits, creating a blog and online presence for my employer, and cultivating a platform for myself.

Ultimately, my passion for writing led me away from the accounting world. I do use my accounting and finance experience for clients now, though I’m not limited to that experience. I also enjoying writing copy for retail and non-profit clients, managing social media,  and polishing resumes for job seekers. If you can’t tell, I love variety! I enjoy writing about many topics, and I welcome any type of client.


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