J Bryant Creative

Professional Writing & Editing Services

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I'm a writer.

I'm also an editor, copywriter, and content manager. I've been in this business for four years, and I've worked with all kinds of clients: tech startups in Silicon Valley, wedding planners in Manhattan, engineering PhD candidates, authors, and a wide variety of job seekers who needed their resumes updated.

I'm a perfect blend of business & creative.

I have a BBA in accounting and spent several years in the corporate world. I understand how important words can be to a company's bottom line. People do judge books by their cover. Or more accurately, people judge your business by your website.

And I would love to work with you.  

I offer writing, editing, content management, and resume services. You can learn a more about me or find out what my clients are saying. Or jump straight to my services shop if you need that resume ASAP.