Hey! I'm Jennifer Bryant Robbins. I'm a CCO.

Jennifer Bryant Robbins is a writer and editor. Her services include copywriting, editing, blogging, resume critique, and content management.

What's a CCO?

CCO stands for Creative Content Officer.

Essentially I handle all things content, including strategy, creation, and management. As a strategist I help overhaul websites or develop and edit e-courses. As a writer/editor I create and edit content like web copy, blogs, newsletters, and original articles. As a content manager I monitor and curate site content for clients, both on their own sites and on social media sites (like Facebook groups).

Who do I work with?

Most of my clients are small businesses and entrepreneurs, mostly in creative fields like photography, wedding planning, interior design, and coaching. But because of my  background - I have a BBA in accounting from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) and spent four years in public accounting and banking - I also work with clients in the finance and accounting industry. Occasionally I branch out entirely and work with high tech manufacturers!

Who Am I?

As I said, I'm Jennifer Bryant Robbins. I founded J Bryant Creative in 2011, back when I was just Jennifer Bryant, as a professional writing and editing business after several years in the corporate world. Since then I've become much more focused on handling content for clients instead of writing my own articles. I like to think of myself as the Olivia Pope of content - if you call me, consider it handled.

Still want to know more? Well, I live in middle America (Oklahoma) with my husband, our two dogs, and our little brown cat. Even when I'm not working with clients I surround myself with words. I usually have my nose stuck in a book (obviously), and I also maintain a blog called Mrs Robbins Sparkles where I write about freelancing, DIY projects, and people with amazing careers. I'm hoping to get started on a couple of e-books soon, so keep an eye out for those!

Also, I volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate where I serve as an advocate for foster kids as they work their way through the court system.  And like a good creative entrepreneur, I do some yoga now and then.

Anything Else?

I also run OK Resume Services where I help job seekers land their dream jobs with amazing new resumes. And if you're looking for me online, I'm on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I know, that's a lot of online socializing. I'm an introvert, it's the best place for me to network!

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